Functional Safety

•             Functional Safety Management

•             Functional Safety Plan

​•             Functional Safety Assessment, Stage1,2 and 3

​•             Competency, Roles and Responsibility Matrix

​•             SIS Projects 

Process Engineering and Analysis

•             Control strategy analysis

•             Evaluation of equipment failure and trip systems

•             Flare relief systems (Sizing and analyzing)

•             Testing startup/shutdown procedures

•             Loading/Unloading lines

•             Oil transfer pipeline

•             Pump start/trip and check valve slamming

•             Equipment sizing of relief valves, surge suppressor, air valves, surge tanks/standpipes

•             Valve controllability study and valve sizing


•             Site development, earth structures, roads, obtaining the accurate bills of quantities of work volumes

•             Concrete foundations

•             Structures using the 3D CAD

•             Underground facilities using 3D CAD

•             Gathering and cross-country pipelines


Fixed Equipment

•             Detailed design 

•             Preparing requisitions, manufacture's evaluation (technical and capacity), monitoring manufacture's engineering

•             Vendor Data Reviews

Rotating Equipment

•             Consultation for revamping or refurbishing of rotating equipment

•             Selection optimization of rotating equipment considering life cycle cost analysis

•             Procurement support (including witnessed tests, inspections)

•             Vendor Data Reviews


•             The state-of-the-art piping arrangement technologies supported by the standards of safety, maintainability and operability

•             Piping analysis know-hows with the up-to-date analysis methods and tools, complying with various international standards

•             Design and selection of piping materials and vendor selection based on international codes

•             Network-based modeling technologies of 3D CAD,

•             Piping materials management to control a large volume of piping materials accurately


Instrumentation & Control

•           Process Measurement  Technology selection 

•            Design, Engineering, and completed instrumentation, Control, and shutdown system deliverables. 


•             In-plant gas turbine and/or steam turbine power generation facilities

•             HV power receiving, main power distribution, emergency power systems as well as its energy management system/central                      supervisory and control system

•             Power wiring, earthing, lighting, electrical heating, cathodic protection systems

•             Plant voice and data communication system, entrance control, intruder alarm system.


•             HAZID (Hazard Identification) Review

•             HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) Review

•             LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis)

•             QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment)

•             SIL Calculation, Fault Tree Analysis, and  Reliability Block Diagram

•             Other Plant Safety Assessment

•             Risk-Reduction Study

•             Gas Dispersion Study

•             Vapor Cloud Explosion Study

•             Heat Radiation Study

•             Other Consequence Analysis

Fire protection, fire fighting

•             Firewater source and distribution systems

•             Foam extinguishing systems

•             Gas suppression systems (clean agent, CO2, etc.)

•             Dry chemical extinguishing systems

•             Fire and Gas detection and alarm systems

•             Fire station, fire vehicles, firefighting tools & equipment, fire school/training area

•             Fireproofing


•             Work scope definition for the project

•             Diagnosing existing systems and facilities

•             Establishing project objectives, key deliverables, and performance measures

•             Indicative cost estimate

•             Identifying potential benefit of additional Manufacturing Execution System and Field bus
•             Selection of suitable  vendors

•             Surveying the existing conditions and preparing accurate existing as-built documents

•             Consulting with the Owner for selection of final application systems and finalize hardware requirement

•             Finalize project cost estimate and document financial feasibility

•              EPC of all associated hardware and software facilities

 •             Software engineering, application software, coding, and loading to DCS

•             Changeover instrument systems (Hot or Cold)

•             Factory Acceptance Test

•             Supercision on Installation, SAT, Precommissionining, Commissioning, and start-up